Women in Physics Student Club

This is the official website of the Women in Physics Student Club at Instituto Superior Técnico

WiP Seminars

WiP Seminars is a monthly virtual seminar series where internationally renowned women physicists are invited to give a talk on their work. These seminars include some time for an informal conversation with interested attendees to discuss the speaker’s career and experience as a woman in physics (if applicable). After each event, an in-person coffee break will provide the opportunity for attendees to meet and chat with each other.

WiP Ahead

Our WiP Ahead events consist of workshops or seminars on some of the obstacles to the inclusion of women and gender minorities. Since these obstacles are often invisible to anyone who is not actively studying them, we believe it is important to educate ourselves about unfortunate human and societal features, such as unconscious bias. We believe that these events can kickstart powerful conversations about progress towards an equal world.


We believe in the importance of outreach in attracting young people (especially women) towards physics. Stereotypes may influence the career decisions faced by young adults, which is why it is particularly important to break these preconceptions and to represent women physicists in outreach initiatives. We aim to collaborate with existing physics and STEM outreach initiatives already led by other groups at Técnico, so that we can reach a wider population in schools despite our limited resources.